Mencia, 'Quite', Veronica Ortega, Bierzo, Leon, Spain 2019

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Veronica’s father was a bullfighter and 'Quite' is a bullfighting term meaning to offer a helping hand.

Given a 15-day cuvaison and aged for seven months, half in 800ltr amphoras and half in 2-3yo barrels, it has an excellent texture, most attractive mulberry and brambly fruit and floral hints with some liquorice, nutmeg and herbal notes.

So delicious and easy to drink.

Producer: Veronica Ortega
Cuvée: Bierzo, Quite
Vintage: 2019
Country: Spain
Region: Leon
Colour: Red
Grapes: Mencia
Alcohol: 13%
Farming: Organic, in the process of converting to biodynamic
Sulphites: Very minimal added
Style: Big and bold

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