Spirals 03 - Roots, Joiseph x Modal, Blaufränkisch, Burgenland, Austria 2019

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Roots is the result of a collaboration between Modal Wines and Luka Zeichmann from Joiseph.
It is the third in the series of Spirals releases, Modal's charity project. It is a very light Blaufränkisch, juicy, fruity, savoury, and beautifully spicy.
100% of the profits of all Spirals wines are donated to charity. The proceeds from 'Roots' are being donated to the 'Yes to Life'  Cancer Charity.
Producer: Modal Wines and Luka Zeichmann
Cuvée: Spirals 03 - Roots
Vintage: 2019
Country: Austria
Region: Burgenland
Colour: Red
Grapes: Blaufrankisch
Alcohol: 11.5%
Farming: Low Intervention